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Good nutrition and learning go hand in hand.

Our Mission Is: “To contribute to our students nutritional andeducational needs by giving them the keys to lifelong healthy eatinghabits.”

Our Goals Are:
  • To serve attractive meals in pleasant surroundings
  • To prepare meals under safe and sanitary conditions
  • To serve nutritious meals that promote good health
  • To give friendly and customer oriented service
The Nutrition Services department is made up of a team of food andnutrition professionals that are dedicated to students' health, wellbeing and their ability to learn. Our staff proudly serve over 950 breakfasts and 1200 lunches each day. We support learning by promotinghealthy habits for lifelong nutrition and fitness practices.

What's new in school nutrition?

We’re reinforcing our commitment to good nutrition for your kids

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Beginning this school year, we’re putting in place some new USDA guidelines for even healthier meals for your kids.

We’ll be using the message pictured here to remind kids of the basic change they need to be aware of — that they now must choose at least one fruit or vegetable among the three meal components they need to take for a complete lunch – but there’s more to the changes that we want to share with parents.

Here are the major differences:

  • Previously, students didn’t have to take a fruit or vegetable at all, as long as they took enough other items. Now, they must choose at least one fruit or veggie serving, and we encourage them to choose more if they like.
  • Students will have a greater selection and variety of fruits and veggies to choose from, too. Instead of ½-¾ cup combined of fruits and veggies per day, now we’ll be offering ¾-1 cup of veggies PLUS ½-1 cup of fruit per day.
  • We’ll be emphasizing the healthiest veggies more often, with weekly offerings of healthy dark green and red/orange vegetables, as well as beans and other legumes.
  • Whole grains are up. Beginning this year, all grain foods we serve will be 100% whole-grain rich.
  • Bad fats are down. Meals will average less than 10% calories from saturated fat, and every item will contain zero grams per serving of trans fat.
  • We’ll be serving only fat-free unflavored, 1% unflavored, and fat-free flavored milks.
  • We’ll be meeting new standards for limiting sodium until we reach a final maximum of 740 mg sodium per meal on average.

These changes will require more work and careful planning on ourpart, especially as we get used to the new guidelines. And the new menuswill no doubt take some getting used to for our customers, too. But theend result will be healthier meals for our kids – and well-nourished kids do better in school!

Director of Child Nutrition Services
Navarro, Anel
Business:  760-337-6530 x 2489
Address:  1052 Heber ave.
Heber, Ca. 92249
Lead-Child Nutrition Services Assistant
Villa, Sandra
Business:  760-337-6530 x2403

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